LOVE: Joan Jett Channeling Suzi Quatro’s Style

Last night I saw The Runaways with my friend Maggie. I loved it. The pacing felt a little off at times, but other than that I thought the movie was awesome. The Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog is part of the soundtrack. I actually heard Iggy sing it live about three weeks or so ago at Carnegie Hall…crazy. Anyway, below are some photos of Joan, and her style icon, Suzi Quatro:
This switchblade, knife, thingermajig made an appearance in the movie:


Here are photos of Suzi Quatro, Joan’s inspiration:


The leather, chains, excessive jewelry, and haircut are all similar.
^Shot by Brad Elterman




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3 thoughts on “LOVE: Joan Jett Channeling Suzi Quatro’s Style

  1. I lovvve all of these pictures. I wish i could pull off some of their look. Notice I said “some” of.. lol. Not a huge fan of the mullett.
    I also didn’t know this movie came out already. I havvvve to see it!!! and Iggy Pop- yay!!!

    • There are no mullets here. A mullet isn’t simply layers with bangs, as many think. That’s a shag. A mullet specifically exposes the ears – the “bangs” or short style begins above or behind the ears. Typically, the back of a mullet is not layered.

      Sometimes it’s dangerous to be a 25+ year musician *and* hairdresser. ; )

      Also, thanks for the Suzi candy. I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember; and have been a fan of Joan’s since The Runaways, and have been lucky enough to meet her many times.

  2. Yea, the RUNAWAYS movie did ROCK! It wasn’t a perfect movie, but it was a GREAT movie! Long time fan from the Runaways days to Joan Jett and The Blackhearts today 2010
    Always and still believe in JOAN JETT

    Suzi Quatro I first remember seeing her at a very young age and then seeing Leather T in Happy Days, Stumblin In is a favorite of mine

    Just like Suzi Q, she idolized Elvis, and Joan Jett idolized Suzi etc

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